deminicube 1800 x 1000 (2).png

  • Mohamed Fadzil Ismail

    Zayyan's 1st Birthday: The Gift Bouquet was so nice that no one wants to open/unfold it up!

  • Cannie Ang

    Nabilah told me that she loves it very much... We made the right choice ! Thanks again 🥰

  • Ms Hiew

    I love the gift set! More practical than giving flowers and it’s beautifully made!

  • Ariff Hasan

    Lovely gift set and quick delivery and my sister shared the picture. Looked very nice. Very happy and satisfied.

  • Sharon Tan

    My bro has already received the gift and they like it! So beautiful, with the light bulbs and a nice card! 🤩 Thank you!

  • Emily Tong

    Very nice and creative!

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